Protect Yourself

There are a few things to protect yourself and your family.
Don't mess around with this advice; remember, Ebola has no cure!

Wash Your Hands with Soap and Water

Do this a lot. You can also use a good hand sanitizer. Avoid unnecessary contact!

Keep a Clean Environment

The virus cannot survive disinfectants, heat, direct sunlight, detergents and soaps. Clean up! You might want to fumigate if you have pests.


Report any suspicious symptoms in yourself or anyone else IMMEDIATELY you notice them. Don't delay!!

Protect Yourself

Use protective gear if you must care or go near someone you suspect has Ebola. Also, dead bodies can still transmit Ebola. Don't touch them without protective gear or avoid them altogether.

Educate Everyone

Tell your neighbours, colleagues and domestic staff. You're safer when everyone is educated about Ebola.

Don't Handle Dead Bush Meat

Some animals are reservoirs of the virus. It might be better to restrict yourself to food you prepared yourself.